Pittsville Pottery and Poking Around

On a couple of occasions in the past I’ve written about ceramics in Wisconsin and touched on Pittsville Pottery. I was pleased to see a post a few weeks ago on Emily Pfotenhauer’s Wisconsin Object blog about a collection of Pittsville Pottery made to the local historical society. While the work may not be highly inventive, it is often well designed and the glazes have appeal. There’s an interesting story to the short life of the pottery works. Emily gives a bit of the background and you’ll find more at the Wisconsin Pottery Association’s website.

Pittsville Pottery

Samples of Pittsville Pottery from the Wisconsin Decorative Arts Database

Emily manages the Wisconsin Decorative Arts Database which provides searchable access to a wide range of work in furniture, textiles, glass and other categories. The focus is on Wisconsin material from 1800 to 1930, mostly from collections held by museums and historical societies. It’s the kind of site where you can lose yourself looking at images, with one thing leading to another until you’ve forgotten where you started. Which is all right with me.

–Michael Bridgeman


2 Responses to Pittsville Pottery and Poking Around

  1. Thanks for highlighting my blog and the Wisconsin Decorative Arts Database! The examples of Pittsville Pottery online in the database are only a fraction of the pottery collection on view at the Pittsville Area Historical Society. It’s interesting to see the variety of colors and the range of sizes the pottery produced for most of their forms–they were definitely looking to provide a lot of options for the consumer market.


  2. mbridgeman says:

    It’s worth noting that Pittsville is in Wood County, south of Marshfield and west of Wisconsin Rapids. There’s more about the local history museum on the Wisconsin Historical Society’s website at http://www.wisconsinhistory.org/localhistory/directory/viewsociety.asp?id=345

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