Wright in Wisconsin and the World

In less than two weeks, an exhibition about Wisconsin’s most important architect will come to a close. Frank Lloyd Wright: Organic Architecture for the 21st Century at the Milwaukee Art Museum and continues through May 15.

I visited a few weeks ago and think the show is worth seeing, even though I wasn’t convinced that the theme announced by the title was clearly or effectively carried through the 150 objects that make up the

Jacobs 1

The first Jacobs house in Madison

show. A large model of Wright’s Broadacre City (1932-1958) appears near the beginning of the show and is fascinating to observe as object and concept.

Since the exhibition relies heavily on plans and drawings, that means a lot of close-up viewing that, combined with the labels, can be tough on the eyes. Nonetheless, many of the illustrations are glorious and the material on the Milwaukee projects is especially good. Other Wisconsin work, including the first house for Herbert and Katharine Jacobs in Madison (above) is also in the show.

I’ve seen a lot of Wright material in person and in exhibitions. My visit to Milwaukee was well worth the time.

–Michael Bridgeman


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