To Blog or not to Blog

From the beginning, I wondered if I could be a Blogger.
I questioned whether I could find the time to bang out enough words to satisfy me, especially, since I’m my own worst critic – and, of course, those ‘tuning’ in to the blogs themselves. I was asked to participate in two blogs in the past year…and failed miserably in jumping into the rhythm of either one.
That’s what it takes. Rhythm. I have rhythm…of the musical variety…but am not sure I have rhythm of the electronic variety. I realize it’s similar to making entries in a diary, but I never had one of those and scoffed at sisters who did. It takes a certain amount of discipline – at least with one’s time – to visit regularly, dropping off tidbits of news, philosophy and interest. I haven’t shown the ability to do that – at least not yet.
I don’t like failure – especially at something that seems as simple as typing a few words every few days. Lord knows I’m not ready to make a deposit every day…that might not ever work. But, then, I wasn’t asked to write something every day…just every few days. That I should be able to handle.
Maybe I’m not even welcome anymore…but here I am, back in the saddle, hoping I can live up to a New Year’s resolution of keeping this stuff regular. I do talk interview a whole bunch of interesting people every week – and, maybe it’s because on the look-back episode of my radio program, I noticed just how many were in that bunch. Nearly 250 energetic, vibrant, creative individuals who involve themselves in theater, literature, art, music and more – all finding the time for that involvement. One would think the least I could do is write about my experience on occasion. So, once more, I’ll give this a shot. 2011 will be the year I either find my inner Blogger, or finally admit that it’s not in my schedule, ability or maybe, in my genes. Yeah, that’s it. If it doesn’t work, I’ll blame it on genetics.

Al Ross

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