I’m sitting here in a waiting room and I overheard a conversation that anecdotally confirms something I’ve felt for a long time.

A couple sitting a few chairs down from me was talking about a woman they know who wanted to start a small business out of her home. It involved a device for braiding corn-rows into people’s hair and she wanted to do things right, so she went to the government to license and register her business.

Instead of being encouraged for her creative innovation and being granted her license to add value to her life and the flagging economy; she was told she could not register and legally run her business without a cosmetology degree.

This is a pervasive and damning problem. The systems that exist throughout our society stifle people’s willingness to take a risk with an idea, instead of encouraging it.

The American economy runs on the backs of small business owners and these are the creative and innovative people who need systems in place to encourage ideas and creativity to add value to their lives and the economy in turn.

Look at the founders of our country. Innovators, artists, writers, thinkers and tinkerers. They thrived, grew and exploded in an environment that valued these qualities and let them flourish.

I have felt for some time that as a whole society does not value what I have to offer, and when I say, “I”, I mean creatives, idea makers, artists and innovators. We say we do, as a society, but follow the money and you can see what we as a society truly value.

Spyros Heniadis

One Response to Overheard

  1. I always read this blog but never have posted a comment. I really feel that I need to respond to this blog.
    There are laws in place to protect us the consumer. If this person was truly committed to her vision they would do what ever it takes to bring it to fruition. No one said it would be easy or it would just get handed to us. It is very hard work to be an artist or other creative type, even Michelangelo had to put up with the Vatican and the Pope, it wasn’t easy for him either.
    Yes society does not always support the arts, maybe we need to work harder at that. But if you do follow the money some of our most expensive objects are those pieces hanging in our most revered Art Museums. After all you are posting this on a state supported site dedicated to the arts.

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