The Muse Theater in La Crosse

Few weeks ago I went with my daughter to see “Angry Housewives”, a musical comedy presented by The Muse Theater in La Crosse (Music & Book by Chad Henry; 
Lyrics & Book by A.M. Collins; Direction by Vicki Elwood and Music Direction by Beth Lakmann).

The talented cast did an excellent job and the patrons left delighted.

The theater is located in the old, renovated former North Presbyterian Church building, at the corner of Logan and Avon Street on La Crosse’s North Side.   The building itself is a piece of art worth visiting.  Founders of The Muse Theater are Vicki and Don Elwood, who bought the old church about 8 years ago and spent six years renovating the building.  Now Vicky produces, acts, directs, and runs the theater with help of her husband Don.

If you plan to visit La Crosse during this weekend you might be lucky to get last tickets for one of the shows of “Angry Housewives,” a light musical comedy, perfect for making your summer evening even more pleasant.

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