Your family needs you.

Let’s have a chat. 

A serious chat about a fun subject.

Let’s talk about entertaining ourselves – something we should A) do often, and B) diversify.

If we look back a generation or two, people were very good at entertaining themselves and, most impressively, they had just a fraction of the outlets we have on our doorsteps today.  Those same generations-past were good at  entertaining themselves withOUT any external assistance.

They could sit on a porch and hum a tune or just rock back-and-forth allowing their imagination to provide the spark. 

Conversation was also a quality pastime – with the accent on ‘quality’ – because it wasn’t frivolous chattering on a cell phone, Facebook, Twitter and email (moderation is the key) – it was meaningful face-to-face conversation about life and personal pursuits.  We were good at it.

Back to entertainment.

Today, we depend on television and motion pictures, for the most part, to provide our daily intake of ‘entertainment’.  They grab us and hold us tight – programs designed to shock, excite, scare and fascinate – with commercial breaks-to-match.  I watch some television and movies, although I choose not to go to theaters, in fear of being distracted by a discourteous neighbor….so I wait for the DVD.  But I also value the presence of quality music, theatre and art as a complement to my entertainment diet – thanks, in large part, to parents who made certain their kids had an appreciation for the existence of live performance – the kind where you are actually in a seat to watch and listen to a concert, play or event.

And I’m here today to encourage all of you – young, old, married, single, parents, families – to support the existence of artistic pursuit in or near where you live. 

It’s healthy to participate as a player – and just as healthy to enjoy as an audience member.  It’s called living a well-rounded life.  It does wonders for the confidence of young people knowing their parents value learning-through-experience, exposing the family to comedic and dramatic theatre, music, visual and stage arts of all kinds, amateur and professional. 

So, look for opportunities to surprise the family with quality entertainment.  Read the Entertainment Section of your local or regional newspaper, go online to search for events that broaden your perspective, develop an appetite for being entertained – and let’s not forget the importance of entertaining ourselves through music, art, writing, hobbies, education and more.

Take your family out to be entertained, and, believe me, you will see your children blossom before your very eyes – in ways no weekly television series or special-effects-laden motion picture can.

Just by being here at Portal Wisconsin, you have taken a step.

I’m looking forward to seeing you out and about….and let’s talk about it now and then.

Send me your revelations…and I’ll pass them along.  We’ll have a network in no time.  You can find me at  Be sure to identify yourself as a respondent from Portal Wisconsin.

Stay cool.

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