Matte Green

A few weeks ago I attended  the monthly meeting of the Wisconsin Pottery Association (WPA). I’ve attended their annual show and sale for the last few years and have become a member, too. What finally got me to a meeting was the allure of matte green glazes. Anyone who has seen my modest collection of art pottery would not be surprised.

Two greenpots

Two pots with matte green finishes from my own collection

Steve Schoneck, Minnesota collector and dealer, went through a long table of ceramics with a variety of matte green finishes. The glaze first emerged at the turn of the (last) century and became very popular with devotees of Arts & Crafts and related movements in design and architecture. Their appeal is the nuanced variations in tone and luster. To my eye, the best examples emphasize form and color and minimize decorative elaborations.

Wisconsin has its own history of pottery by individual ceramists and production companies. The latter category includes Pauline Pottery of Edgerton and the Ceramic Arts Studios of Madison. Both are detailed on the WPA website. But there are still plenty of good Wisconsin ceramics to be found today and my collection has a few examples — mostly in matte green, of course.

–Michael Bridgeman


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