A blogling is born…

This is Al Ross speaking.  Among other things, I’m a producer for Wisconsin Public Radio.  It’s funny, but twenty years ago, I never envisioned that I’d someday be a ‘blogger’; yet, now that I am one, I should get down to blogging….although dyslexia may turn it into ‘globbing’ on occasion.  I find it interesting that someone who doesn’t regularly read blogs would, himself, blog.  You are what you write, I guess.  I find comfort knowing that it’s similar to – and thus as easy as –  writing in a diary or journal – the only difference being entries must be suitable for others to read.  The way I’m going to think of it is that I am a columnist within an electronic newspaper.  With that definition, I can join the ranks of Ed Sullivan, Walter Winchell and Dave Barry.  I’d better toss in Charles Kuralt as well, because he was an idol of mine and I so envied his fortunate assignments.

Now, before you roll your eyes and label me a prima donna – please know that I’m only rambling (which is probably a better word than ‘blog’ to describe my initial participation) – and I believe a person should be allowed to saunter comfortably through his first blog.  None of us rode straight and true the first time we took off the training wheels.  Anyway, I’m very proud to be a part of an impressive entity: Portal Wisconsin.  Just the sound of ‘Portal Wisconsin’ summons pride.  And, yes, I too thought it was ‘Porthole’ Wisconsin when I first heard about it years ago.  Then I realized it was ‘portal’ and the idea of an opening through which to view what’s going on inside Wisconsin sunk in.  I thought it was a great idea.

Now that I’m a small part of it, I think it’s an even greater idea.

My contributions will range from rambles to regional reminders.  I will talk about the people who and places that make Western and Northwestern Wisconsin culturally vital and vibrant.  Since becoming host of Spectrum West on WPR, I’ve met and rubbed elbows with some very impressive folks and functions.

The program is a delight to produce simply because the events, stars and planners are equally delightful.

I’m impressed with the vision shown by so many venues in so many towns – very small to medium/large.

Theaters (if you like to spell yours with an ‘re’ at the end, I apologize) and theater groups; musicians and musical groups; artists and art galleries; publishers, publications, poets and authors – there’s an abundance of these that equals all the other natural abundances we relish and, hopefully, use with respect, here in West Wisconsin.

Suffice it to say I will check in periodically to tell you about some of these things and many of these people – and I will expect to interact along the way with those who read my words.  After all, even though it sounds like the quick, fast end of something (blog!…the ‘g’ landing hard in a messy heap), I don’t believe a blog should be a one-way street.


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