The Art of [not] Getting Things Done

Man, I fail spectacularly.

I keep trying, and trying and trying to come up with a way to keep myself organized and on track and getting the things done that I need to get done.

But I just suck at it.

I’ve been a bad blogger for Portal Wisconsin, I haven’t posted a thing since December. (I’m really sorry Tammy!)

I’ve also failed to follow through (up to this point at least) on the ideas I laid out here on the blog for my website and attempts to drum up some income from my artwork. (I do still plan to implement these ideas, it’s just going to take longer than anybody probably expected!)

I am good at a couple of things, I’m good at tweeting, I’m damn good at tweeting!

I’m also good at two projects that I set out for myself. The first is my daily self-portrait project, which I started November 16th, 2009 and have faithfully and dutifully and gleefully held to for 138 days and counting.

I started a daily drawing January 4th 2010, and have also faithfully and joyfullly held to for 77 days and counting.

One of the main reasons I’ve been so successful at the daily portraits and drawings, has been the support and encouragement of my friends and the community on twitter. That gives me the kernel of an idea of something that might help keep me more on track than I have been in the past.

It also lets me know that this cause, this idea of me accomplishing things predictably, consistently and effectively isn’t an (entirely) lost cause.

I just haven’t figured out how to do it yet. I keep trying, and I’m going to try yet again, starting today.

Here’s hoping I can craft a system that I can stick to!

(Here are the links if you are interested in either of my daily projects: Self Portraits, Daily Drawing)

Spyros Heniadis

One Response to The Art of [not] Getting Things Done

  1. Tammy Kempfert says:

    No worries, Spyros. Your participation in the blog, however often, is appreciated. And anyway, much as I would love to read more from you, predictable, consistent and effective aren’t the first synonyms that come to mind when I think of the word creative.

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