Visual artists from the 7Rivers Region have a new place to show their art

Wisconsin residents are increasingly looking for affordable art outside traditional museum or gallery settings.

At the same time emerging artists are looking for alternative spaces to show their art.  They display their works at open house events, co-op galleries, libraries,  university galleries, churches, coffee shops, bookstores, beauty salons, hospitals, airports, tourist centers, clubs, convention centers, parks,  market places, during art walks and art fairs,  etc.  It seems that crafts and arts have been offered at many places.

La Crosse area artists have been showing their works at nearly every locally available conventional and unconventional location.  Recently, they discovered a new alternative space.

Myrick Hixon EcoPark, a non-profit organization in La Crosse, whose vision is to achieve community understanding of, and respect for nature, and to protect the environment for future generations became a new meeting ground for environmentalists, artists and art enthusiast.  The organization will feature a new artist every month.

Lee Harwell, local photographer is the EcoPark’s first Artist of the Month.  His photographs truly reflect the vision and mission of the EcoPark.   Lee’s framed and unframed nature inspired photographs will be displayed in the EcoPark’s gift shop during March and will be one of many points of interest for visitors eager to explore the Park’s vast array of educational programs, events, volunteering opportunities, etc.   I had an opportunity to meet Lee in November of 2009 when he won with his photo “Seed Nesting,” the Second Annual Benefit Art Show hosted by Gallery La Crosse.

Lee Harwel's Photo

The Artist of the Month reception will be held on Saturday, March 13 from 11:30-1pm and will be free for general public.

The EcoPark is now accepting exhibition proposals for the Artist of the Month Program!  If you would like to apply and  be considered during the next jury session, contact Michelle Nelson at 608-784-0303 ext. 221 or by email at  For more information check out EcoPark’s  website at


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