The uncertainty that has plagued my (non-art) professional life has made it difficult to focus on or execute things that I want to do with my art over this past year or so. As it settles down, (which it is now doing) I can start to put some of my attention back here where it belongs and ramp up my web site re-design and the creation of some new work.

In addition to the website redesign and determining what my next photographic project will be, here are some of the things I’m kicking around:

  • Running a scavenger hunt exhibit annually. It’s a big commitment but we really got a good response to the exhibit and the exposure I received was also very good. I’ve had several people who participated in the hunt tell me that they’d love to do it again and suggested we should do it annually. So I had a chat with Julie Wolcott, the director of the Central Wisconsin Cultural Center (CWCC), where the exhibit was held and she thought it was a good idea. We’re currently mulling it over.
  • Starting a podcast. I’ve been talking about this with Tammy Kempfert, our blogrunner here, and I just recently purchased some recording equipment to start playing with while I continue to let the podcast idea marinate. I’ll elaborate on my love of podcasts in a separate post.
  • Teaching more classes. I teach a Beginning Digital Photography class at the CWCC. It’s a class I’ve been teaching for 2 years now (I think, jeez, I can’t remember when I started it!) and I LOVE teaching it. I originally went to college to become a teacher, and while I never completed that degree I ended up teaching anyway!

One of the things I expect and plan to make a strong component of my overall revenue plan is the teaching that I do. I’ve had great success with the Beginning Digital Photography class and I’m now ready to expand my offerings.

I’m currently putting together a curriculum outline for an Advanced Digital Photography class (For point and shoot style cameras) and an Advanced SLR photography class that would cover film and digital cameras.

In addition to those classes I’d like to offer a class on editing and printing photos but I have to figure out the logistics since I don’t have a computer lab at my disposal.

Finally I’m starting to think about some guided style photography workshops. Wisconsin is ripe with places to go for these kinds of workshops so I’d just need to do some scouting for locations that I could build a full program around.

Combining my skills as an instructor on the front end with what I hope to build through my website in the backend will be my two-pronged approach to a sustainable revenue for through my photography. Those won’t be the only two prongs but I hope they will grow into the strongest.

-Spyros Heniadis

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