Empty Shoes: Poems on the Hungry and the Homeless

UW-La Crosse Instructor Patrick T. Randolph and his wife, Gamze, have published a book “Empty Shoes: Poems on the Hungry and the Homeless.

“The idea behind the project came when Randolph asked his wife how a poet could make a small difference. She mused, why not use a craft to have fun, raise social awareness, showcase poets and help people in need? Randolph’s answer was an anthology. The book includes 80 poets, 151 poems and 30 photographs. It’s the first of its kind with such depth and participation of poets, says Randolph.

For the past two years Randolph has worked one-on-one with 79 poets from three foreign countries and 28 states. Three local writers are also featured in the anthology: Dave Dolle, Andy Davis and David Hart. The poets also include notables such as: Ellen Kort, who served as Wisconsin’s first Poet Laureate; Linda Aschbrenner, publisher of the first 100 issues of Free Verse magazine; Pushcart prize nominees Sharmagne Leland- St. John and Ellaraine Lockie; Jeri McCormick, past president of the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets (WFOP). The book is No. 4 on Amazon’s hot release list.

This is Randolph’s fourth book and his second book of poems. His first book of poetry, “Father’s Philosophy,” was a collection of his original poems written from 1999-2006. It has been a bestseller for Popcorn Press. “Father’s Philosophy” will soon be released in its second edition. “Empty Shoes: Poems on the Hungry and the Homeless” is available on Popcorn Press’s Web site, http://www.popcornpress.com and Amazon.com.

All profits from the book will go to nationwide programs devoted to helping the hungry and homeless.

–Martina Skobic

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