In which I shamelessly promote myself (and talk about the web world of art some more)

August 9, 2009

So awhile ago I talked with our editor/blog runner Tammy about this blog and some other tangential things including a bit of self promotion here. Not that I’m going to turn the Portal blog into my promotional stomping grounds, but I do have a bit of exciting news that I’d like to share, and I figure we’ll call a spade a spade and be done with it!

If you’re not interested in my promotional ramblings but are interested in my art related ramblings then skip the next couple of paragraphs! ;-p


I’m pleased to announce my upcoming solo photography exhibit at the Central Wisconsin Cultural Center here in Wisconsin Rapids.

What’s exciting about this exhibit is the scavenger hunt we’re conducting along side it. All of the photos I am exhibiting were taken in downtown Wisconsin Rapids, and the exhibit was conceived as a community event with the scavenger hunt theme, and my photos as the hunted items with clues as to their locations.

We just started the hunt portion of the contest August 1st and we’re having the opening reception on August 27th at the Central Wisconsin Cultural Center from 5-7pm. At the opening reception we will draw from the scavenger hunt entries and select three winners. First prize is one of my works from the exhibit, second and third prizes are gift certificates to the Central Wisconsin Cultural Center.

All details as well as the entry form for the scavenger hunt, and a gallery of the images from the hunt and upcoming exhibit can be found on my website HERE.


On that theme again however, I’d like to wax nostalgic a little bit. I’m considering several options on how I could make the exhibit a little more web 2.0, connect it to more people even if they’re not there, and all around share it and my work more.

In terms of the exhibit I think the scavenger hunt portion of it is a pretty exciting way to engage people directly in the art, as well as a way to connect them with their hometown/downtown. Especially a downtown that could use a shock to the heart so to speak.

So between the scavenger hunt, and the exhibit I’m hoping to broaden my audience a little bit as well as engage them a little more. At the exhibit I’ll probably be twittering about the happenings, along with some pictures of the work and whatever else exciting happens. I’m also considering a live video stream of the exhibit. I just found this neat website/mobile phone application called Qik that allows you to stream live right from your mobile phone. So I’m thinking I could stream the drawing of the scavenger hunt winner, and perhaps other portions of the exhibit if they prove to be exciting enough.

These will be little experiments in engagement to see how easy and well they work both functionally, and at an end user level for my audience.

My goal (every artist’s goal???) is to take this work I have and share it and monetize it. That’s right, I said it. I want to make some money from my art. That’s okay isn’t it? It’s what I love to do. So by golly I’m going to give it a go.

–Spyros Heniadis