Creativity and Dreaming

I was listening to Wisconsin Public Radio ( this past Tuesday while doing some yard work and I heard a very interesting show about dreams and dreaming. The guest on the show was Robert Moss ( and he was talking about the power of our dreams. For a long time I haven’t been able to remember my dreams, and while I had attempted to change that in the past it was a pursuit that had fallen to the wayside. I considered calling in with my question, how do I start remembering my dreams again, but I didn’t have to. Another listener beat me to it saving me the need to climb out of the garden and wash up. The solution proposed by the guest was ridiculously simple, and it worked! I simply stated to myself my desire to remember my dreams! The last three nights running now I’ve remembered and recorded my dreams. They’ve been intensely vivid and crazy weird, and I love it.

One of the most intriguing thing he talked about on the show was the research that he has been doing into dreaming over the decades. One of the things he talked about was comparing scans of brain activity when dreaming with other waking activities. It turns out that when we are engaged in creative activity, our brain activity is the same as when we are dreaming.

This perked me right up. I’ve been looking for ways to expand and engage my creativity more, and here was a way to do it in my sleep! There are some classic examples of people using dreams to enhance their waking activities, one of the most notable being Einstein and his use of the dream state to achieve several breakthroughs in developing the theories of relativity. So, now I’m actively trying to remember my dreams and journal them when I wake from them.

If want to listen to the show, follow the link to the WPR online archives. The show aired on 5/22 and is coded 5/22E

–Spyros Heniadis

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  1. Martina Skobic says:

    Spyros, it is well known fact that there are different brainwaves acting in human brain /mind at extremely low frequency. According to P. Gardiner’s different scientists brainwaves “ are categorized in Hertz or pulses per second. Scientist broke them down into the following categories:
    Beta 15-30 Hz
    SMR 12-14 Hz
    Alpha 7-11 Hz
    Theta 4-6 Hz
    Delta 1-3 Hz
    Apparently we are the most creative when our mind is in between Alpha and Theta. Most people experience this state as they are falling into sleep and see images of a dream before they lose consciousness of it. It is Frustratingly at this moment that we have some of our most amazing ideas, theories, inventions. When we wake up, we have, we have generally forgotten exactly what it was we thought of, but know intuitively that it was profound. Imagine then being able to hold this information, play with it, and develop it further-we would be more creative and intelligent.” It is amazing that Earth ‘s approximate resonance us between 6-10 Hz. It seems that our brain is the most creative when in tune with the Earth’s resonance. “

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