Art Vacation

While I am an artist, like many of us (all of us!) I have a job too. My job isn’t art related and it’s been consuming more of my time than I would maybe like.

Lately my wife and I have been talking about taking a vacation, and we’d like to take an Art Destination vacation.

One of our ideas was to go to Michigan for the Artprize event that I mentioned in a previous post, and another idea was to meet up with some friends in the Twin Cities to take in some galleries.

So now I have two questions for our readers out there.

1. What are your ideas for an art vacation in the US?

2. What are your ideas for an art vacation in Wisconsin?

Spyros Heniadis

5 Responses to Art Vacation

  1. Marie Sprinter says:

    Response to Question # 1–All of the little beach towns in the area of Portland, Oregon have many quaint galleries, but the real art is the scenery of rockie beaches(especially Haystack Rock)lush greenery and fresh air!

  2. Palladio says:

    I was recently in Kansas City and it’s a worthy art destination between the work in the museums and the architecture of the museums, especially the new wing at the Nelson Atkins. There’s more architecture of interest, plus music, theater and other arts.

  3. The WI Art Consortium is developing a map and a website for self-guided road trips to art environment sites all over WI. Discounts are offered by local business partners for discounts on dining, lodging, and more. Please see

  4. SAS says:

    Nothing I’ve seen beats Santa Fe for good fun art in a gorgeous setting. Especially like the Nuart (for painting) and the Rainbow Man galleries. Lots of great little ex-mining art towns in the area, too.

    Chicago is nice, too. AI of course. Also, the Museum of Contemporary Photography is more like a gallery and it’s not always interesting, but when it’s good it’s great.

  5. Linda says:

    I can only say what works for me…
    go anywhere…
    with new sketchbook, crayons, whatever…
    just make sure you have no responsibilities..
    Stay someplace cheap/clean….
    eat cheap but good…don’t cook for yourself..
    any grocery store can arm you for all day….
    no dog walking…
    do nothing you normally do, except that first cup of coffee…
    you are on vacation…
    and art all the time…
    art in the car while someone else drives..
    art through lunch..
    art in bed until you fall asleep…
    art what you see…everywhere..
    and do this all day..all the time..for one week.
    Only in the second week can you go see art of others..
    if you haven’t arted in a long time..
    gallery visits will only make you feel bad
    because they are arting and you aren’t.
    If you can do two weeks, great…
    keep arting…
    and you will feel really good when you get home.

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