Using the “Web 2.0”

I’ve spent an interesting week trying to integrate Web 2.0 into my workflow. I love technology, and I love the participatory culture. I’m a bit of a technogeek, I have a Blackberry (no iPhone here despite it’s iconic status), a Windows PC (my main imaging workstation for my photography), a laptop running three different operating systems (2 different Linux distros and Windows for my wife), a netbook, and a Mac. The house is set up with a wireless network, and the phone has internet access as well.

With all of this hardware and connectivity around, you would think it would be easy for me to be part of the 20% instead of the 80% in terms of the particpatory Web 2.0 culture, but it’s something I still find challenging.

So I spent the last week trying to streamline my ability to participate in the Web 2.0. See, a week ago my wife and I were in Wausau for the weekend Blues Cafe event. Lots of great Blues. Studabaker John and Sue Debaco were the highlights of our weekend. Two very different Blues artists, both powerful performers in their own rights.

I was out there at the shows, and I had my Blackberry, and could have posted some fun stuff, here to the blog, or to some of my other social media sites. The problem was, I couldn’t. Not “couldn’t” as in not possible, but “couldn’t” as in didn’t have the tools and right setup to do it.

At that point I had the ability to post to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Blogger from my Blackberry, but not to WordPress. The other limitation, was that every different service would require me to retype the text and re-upload the media to each different service. Not pleasant on a thumbsize keyboard.

What I wanted was the ability to post all types of content to all my services at once. Easily.

This quest led me to three services., and

Each does the same thing, but in slightly different ways, and so I’ve started using them all depending on the type of content I’m posting. The most versatile of the services is Posterous. It’s a blog service of it’s own, but it also posts to just about any service you can think of, including wordpress. What I love about it is the way it just handles your media for you. You post via email, which is perfect for For instance, you can attach a video file from your phone and email it to your Posterous account, and it automatically converts it and embeds it into your post. The quality of the video is reflected in the quality of the capture device, but the ability to post video that easily is astoundingly useful! It’s really fantastic, because now I can update any and all of my services from my phone. I’m still testing how the posting looks from each of the various services, and I’m also testing the capabilities of my phone’s media capture devices. All in all I’m having lots of fun with it and hope to share some real time content with our readers here.

Find out more at

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