Welcome to PortalWisconsin’s Arts and Culture Blog!

As part of PortalWisconsin.org‘s ongoing mission to bring Wisconsin culture, arts, humanities and history to your desktop, we’re proud to launch our new arts and culture blog! We expect the blog to broaden our coverage of the timely, noteworthy topics that draw people everywhere to PortalWisconsin. And we’ve enlisted the support of expert contributors from around the state.

Here you’ll find historical facts and anecdotes; behind-the-scenes coverage of exhibitions, literary news, concerts and other opportunities; business tips for artists; and thought-provoking musings from our resident bloggers. With so much content available on our Web site—from calendar items to our online gallery to feature articles to arts opportunities—our weekly posts will spotlight and celebrate items of interest that might otherwise get overlooked.

If you have questions, ideas or comments, e-mail us at portalwisconsin@wpt.org. To receive regular blog updates to your email account, you can also sign up for our RSS feed.

Above all, we look forward to hearing from you! Please make use of our blog’s comment feature.

One Response to Welcome to PortalWisconsin’s Arts and Culture Blog!

  1. Sue Bronson says:

    What a great idea, and a great start! Arts, culture, and connections are what have always survived good and bad economic times, and will continue to nurture us into the future! Great job, Tammy!

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